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Welcome to the Automatis GFX website template.

This is a dynamically displayed div driven javascript platform, a base template used for demonstrating some of the functionality in a typical styled website layout.

Select between having a background image or use a tiled background instead. You can have any number of banners visible or hidden, sequential or played at random.

All the pages fade out and in together determined by your choice of time, as with the introduction and normal banner swap intervals. When the introduction banner is shown, the menu buttons become disabled.

Extended menus display up to 3 tiers that allow you to fluidly swap to and from any other page other than it self.

Launch a floating styled Image Gallery or Video Window, and insert a borderless picture with ease to your suggested margin and alignment values.

Supply an image name to a code segment in the html, and the script will find out where it is inserted so you do not need to modify a style sheet.

Extended Menu's (1,1) : Landing


You can quickly make any amount of image gallery groups that you need in your pages, easily adding any number of images to each section.

By utilizing a link to display each group of images, they will only be downloaded when a gallery link is activated.

The last image position is saved when opening and closing the same image gallery link, and it will reset to displaying the initial image when you open another gallery link.

Review the style sheet data and the html file for changing the gallery control button attributes.

Launch an Example Gallery.

Launch another Example Gallery.


The video viewing options allow you to select between a Youtube video or otherwise host your own high quality video from the server.

Each video window can be modifed to display at any reasonable height and width requirement specified in the html file, outside the scaling restrictions of the website content container.

The script file can be modified to disable full screen and allow frame borders for embedded Youtube videos.

Watch Youtube Video 1:

Watch Youtube Video 2:

Watch Server Video 1:


Please use our Online Enquiry form for any of your feedback and suggestions, or any other formal request.


You can control the relevant image style properties to allow aligning and margin spacing using this technique shown below for the image that follows:

<div id="img_lovebirds" class="image" data-file-name="lovebirds.jpg" data-img-margins="0,0,10,500" data-img-float-direction="right"></div>

All that you need to do is change the div id to something unique for each picture, keeping the "img_" bit in front of the name.
Then specify the file name (including the extension), set the margins and float direction, and the script will handle the rest.

If you minimize the margins the words will still wrap around, even though the images are being placed into the page after the initial website has loaded.

Once the content on this page is long enough, you will notice that the scroll buttons will appear and with the overflow set, so the page can move to the bottom.

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